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We know that buying and selling of residential property often coincides with major events in our clients' lives. Stress runs high. And, real estate is often a person's largest single investment decision. You deserve discretion, intelligence and dedication. That is precisely what you get when you work with us.

Planning and timing are essential to getting what you want.

  • Finance
    First things first - your budget. Pre-approval by a trusted, local lender who will do the underwriting up front will allow you to act quickly once you start looking. We will make introductions to highly responsive lenders and mortgage brokers to ensure that you get results.
  • Your Requirements
    We listen carefully to your requirements, assist you in prioritizing, and develop an agreed upon property search plan. Neighborhood, architectural style, floor plans, features, outdoor space and parking are all important.
  • The Market
    Next we provide insights into market conditions — past, present and anticipated — as they affect the price and availability of you desired residence.
  • Property Search
    We then launch your property search using our own in-depth knowledge of properties both on the market and privately available, combined with powerful online tools and our personal network of agents across San Francisco. We will accompany you to properties we have pre-screened for you.
  • Negotiation
    Our finesse, strategic approach, organization and experience will allow you to secure your ideal property and bring your transaction to a timely and successful close.
  • Inspection to Escrow
    Daunting for others, the contract process will go smoothly with our guidance and attention to detail.

Every step of the way, we will be there. Put our expertise to work for you.