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Southeast Corner 3BR Residence   -   Pacific Heights

OFF-MARKET SALE. Southeast corner 3BR residence with coveted 2-car parking secured for our buyers. The Pacific, the premier Pacific Heights full-service, ultra-luxury condominium building in an A+ northside established neighborhood near Fillmore Street shopping & dining, Alta Plaza and Lafayette Parks..
  • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 independent parking spaces
  • 2112 sqft
  • $6,250,000
Represented the Buyer
The Pacific exterior at twilight

The Pacific exterior at twilight

Video Description: The video opens with an aerial view over Alta Plaza, the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge with a layer of fog in the background and The Pacific in the foreground. The camera pans down The Pacific’s faceted exterior to street level and to the front entrance. Entering the lobby with black stone floor, long reception desk with white leather art installation on the wall behind. Moving to the left is a seating area and artwork on walls. The Fitness Center with workout equipment with a row of windows at the end of the room which open to a patio with seating area and greenery behind. Next to the Observatory Lounge club room with high ceiling, paneled wall with fireplace and floor to ceiling windows leading to roof deck. Furniture is in shades of aubergine and dark purple while the flooring is light hardwood. Moving outside onto the deck there are two seating areas with fire pits. A glass railing borders the deck while allowing views beyond of buildings to the north. To the west, the four-square city block grassy pyramid of Alta Plaza Park rises on the left of the screen and the bay and Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Panning to the right shows more of the bay with fog obscuring the horizon line. Aerial views of The Pacific from the north fly over the roof deck and rotate to the east showing highrise buildings of the downtown financial center in the distance. Rising higher, there is a glimpse of the Bay Bridge before the lens turns back to the north side of The Pacific with roof deck surrounded by buildings and parks of the city. The final scene is where it began with an aerial view over Alta Plaza, the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge with a layer of fog in the background.

Video Description: The video opens with an aerial view over Alta Plaza Park and pans north to show people picnicking on the grass then the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. More views of the park show the playground, a brown shingle house across from the park and a wooden park bench then a birds eye view of two people playing tennis. The video then switches to street level with scenes along the Fillmore Street commercial district. These scenes include store signs, decorative store windows, people walking along the sidewalk, shopping in stores and dining outside at tables on the sidewalk. Cut to a close up of street musicians and their instruments; bass, sax and drums. The video moves back to aerial views of Alta Plaza park and the surrounding residential buildings. People relaxing on the grass are shown then the video pulls back to reveal a view of the Bay to the north.

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